As an extraordinarily successful FBI Special Agent and Polygraph Examiner for 20 years, Polygraph Examiner Lori Warren experienced the effective use of polygraph examinations in the furtherance of criminal investigations. As a Case Agent, Warren personally used polygraph examinations to clear suspects or persons of interest. As a supervisor, I have also encouraged FBI Agents to use polygraph in their respective cases. In many cases, polygraph has been used to clear the person accused of a crime which, in turn, directed law enforcement away from this suspect in order to find the actual person who committed the crime.

As an FBI polygraph examiner who conducted extensive FBI polygraph examinations, Warren was regularly contacted by FBI Case Agents or local law enforcement to administer polygraph examinations for suspects, persons of interest, or witnesses in their cases. When a Case Agent or investigator requests polygraph services, there is some level of uncertainty regarding the person’s involvement in the crime. The polygraph examination helps investigators decide whether to halt further investigation of this person, thereby allowing them to focus resources elsewhere, to dismiss charges against a person, or to critically reexamine evidence and witness testimony. Warren’s polygraph process, which combines her skills as a seasoned and professional FBI interviewer, polygraph examiner and negotiator, creates an environment in which each examinee can receive a fair and credible polygraph examination.