Federally certified polygraph examiner and retired FBI Special Agent Lori C. Warren is available for federal, state, and local government Pre- Employment Screening Exam contracts.

All state and local law enforcement agencies should be conducting pre-employment screening exams for police officer candidates.

Polygraph screening of police officer candidates will ensure honesty on applications, as well as avoid candidates involved in serious crime or candidates with excessive or recent illegal drug abuse as deemed by the hiring law enforcement agency. Without polygraph screening, a law enforcement agency is exposing itself to unsuitable police officers, civil liabilities and public ridicule.

Owner and examiner Lori C. Warren can assist local or state agencies in establishing Drug Guidelines for police candidates. During Examiner
Warren’s employment as a polygraph examiner for the FBI, she learned that testing an applicant’s eligibility with regard to a law enforcement agent’s drug guideline (instead of number and types of illegal drugs used) provided for a more fair and effective examination of the candidate.