Warren Polygraph & Consulting Services, LLC is a female-owned polygraph service founded by highly distinguished retired FBI Special Agent Polygraph Examiner Lori C. Warren. Warren is a federal certified polygraph examiner who attended the world-renowned United States National Center for Credibility Assessment (NCCA). The FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, DEA, and other federal agencies send their prospect polygraph examiners to the NCCA. Warren has conducted more than 1,500 polygraph examinations for the FBI.

As a certified Crisis Negotiator for the FBI, Warren is highly trained in interview and interrogation and has provided instruction and training to local police departments in negotiating during crisis and emotional situations. Because interviewing is a critical dynamic in polygraph examinations that impacts results, Warren combines her vast experience as an FBI interviewer and polygraph examiner to produce a highly-effective and credible polygraph examination process.


In addition to my extensive service as an FBI Special Agent & Polygraph Examiner, I also spent a great deal of my time on Indian reservations in the western United States for murder and sexual assault investigations. I was a supervisor (SSA) in the FBI Polygraph Unit at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC for four years and supervised all FBI polygraph examiners around the country. I have also conducted numerous examinations in Tennessee including infidelity exams, criminal and civil driven exams for attorneys, sex addiction exams for therapists and many other types of polygraphs for each individual situation brought to me.

My services are geared toward – but not limited to – attorneys for criminal and civil exams, therapists (mostly for spouses or partners who have suffered sex addiction or any other addictions), individuals who have suffered infidelity in their relationships or other domestic issues, and workplace investigations. I have tested all ages (excluding minors unless parental consent is provided) and all income levels.